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Depression, Addiction, Damage to the Brain, Teen Suicide, Online Sexual Predators, and Kidnappings - All Linked to Social Media Usage

  • For as little as $29.95 you can now empower yourself and provide your child with the most important social media information available today. 
  • Protect your kids against social media addiction, cyber bullying, predators and a myriad of other problems by implementing our 12 courses in your home.
This dynamic video online training program was written by social media experts. Our training will cause them to THINK BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING ONLINE! 
“I have 4 kids and making sure that they are safe and given proper education is a BIG reason why I created this company”
Tony Glick
CEO, Social Media IQ
What is Social Media IQ?

Social Media IQ is a 12-module video whiteboard training course that teaches social media responsibility. The modules cover a variety of topics that help children and their parents to be more mindful of the dangers that lurk on social media and how to build a more powerful personal brand on social media. The course also provides valuable instruction on how to use social media in a positive way. Raising your child’s social media IQ will ensure your child’s success and protection. Is there anything more valuable than that?

A Few Topics Covered In The Training:

  • Building an A+ personal brand

  • Social media bullying

  • Limits and life on social media

  • Using common sense on social media

  • Avoiding social media predators
An Important Message to Parents

Social Media is shaping our children’s lives. What they do today can have a negative or positive impact on their future tomorrow. Join this critical movement by enrolling your kids today and give them an important edge in today’s world. 


“Recently, I discovered Social Media IQ and took my entire family through the course. I’ve never seen a more balanced and carefully designed course written for the safety of my children. This is a must have course for every parent with a child on social media.”
– Julie, Mother of 4
1-10 People Lose Job Opportunities
Because of Things They Post On Social Media

The fact is, employers are searching the internet more now than ever before. In a recent study, 90% of employers revealed they use social networking sites to research job candidates. They are looking for anything that would cast a shadow on an applicant. A mindless post, an insensitive tweet or an unflattering picture can ruin any job opportunity. Conversely, a positive post or anything that enhances a personal profile will magnify the opportunities. We may not be movie starts or famous people but the sooner we start managing our public images, the better off we’ll be.

“Social Media IQ has taught me to think before I post. It’s helped me avoid embarrassing moments and provided a way for me to build a more positive personal brand that will ultimately help me as I build my career.”
– Jenny
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